Nydia Magdaleno-Gonzalez - STEM Educator and Administrator

Nydia Magdaleno-Gonzalez

As the CEO of NMM Educational Consulting, Nydia Magdaleno-Gonzalez draws on a successful career in educational administration. She most recently served as the superintendent of Burnham Wood and Vista del Futuro Charter School Districts in Texas, where she guided principals in reaching accountability benchmarks and assisted them in meeting student needs. Nydia Magdaleno-Gonzalez also played a key role in preparing the schools to work toward the T-STEM (Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) credential.

Mrs. Magdaleno-Gonzalez came to the role of associate superintendent of Burnham Wood and Vista del Futuro following two and half years as T-STEM Principal at Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts. She accepted this position after serving for both Districts as Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Also a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher with the El Paso Independent School District, Mrs. Magdaleno-Gonzalez holds certifications in 7 areas.